Current Pipeline Status Cell Therapy Product Secretome FECS-SOLUTION Cosmetics Ingredient

FECS-SOLUTION is used for coating culture dishes to form enhanced 3D cell spheroids (FECSTM). FECS PROTEIN, a patented recombinant protein, has a structure of hydrophobic and hydrophilic ends. The hydrophobic ends bind to the surface of the polystyrene plate, whereas hydrophilic ends bind to cells. Cells that are relatively enhanced in terms of functions by bioactive proteins form a 3D spheroid within 24 hours through cell-cell interactions.

Sequence of Use
  • 1. Coating

    ① Dispense 50 μL of FECS-SOLUTION diluted to 20 μg/mL into each multi-well plate made of polystyrene (e.g. 384-Well), store at room temperature for 4 hours, and wash 2-3 times using DPBS.

  • 2. Seeding

    ① Wash the prepared cells 2-3 times using DPBS.

    ② Mix the cells with the culture medium at a concentration of 5,000-15,000 cells/50 μL. The number of cells to be included per spheroid may be determined depending on the concentration of the cell suspension.

    ③ Dispense 50 μL of cell suspension per well.

  • 3. Spheroids formation/harvesting

    ① Close the lid to the plate and incubate in an incubator (37°C, 5% CO2) for 24 hours.

    ② Use a microscope to check for the spheroid formation after 24 hours.

    ③ Collect spheroids using a 200 μL-micropipette and wash 2-3 times using DPBS.