Current Pipeline Status Cell Therapy Product Secretome FECS-SOLUTION Cosmetics Ingredient
Treatment of Depressed Acne Scars
CureSkin Inj.

Autologous Dermal Fibroblast

Main ingredient
20,000,000 autologous dermal fibroblasts
Administer intradermally 3 times at 2-week intervals. Depending on the area and volume of the acne scar area, take an appropriate cell dose and administer into the upper and middle layers of the dermis until the epidermis turned white by swelling. Inject in an appropriate manner under the judgment of the clinician, about 50 to 100 μL for each administration site.
Depressed Acne Scars
Depressed scars due to damage and loss of dermal tissues taking place during the healing process of acnes
Formation of the depressed scars occurs owing to depression of skin tissue into the hollow space formed by insufficient regeneration of structural proteins such as collagen due to severe inflammatory reactions in the epidermis and dermis during the healing process of acne.
Classified into ice-pick, box scar, or rolling depending on the shape of the scar, the scars are not aesthetically desirable as the skin texture and color of the scar area are different from surrounding areas.
Basic Research Non-clinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Approval
Marketing (conditional approval) and phase 3 clinical trial in progress
Acne Scar Improvement Effect

The efficacy evaluation of the phase 1/2 clinical trial revealed a significant improvement effect (improvement of 2 or more stages) in 50% (11 out of 22) subjects 3 months after the administration of CureSkin Inj. (3 times every 2 weeks). The result was also verified in the 3D stereoimage optical topometry (SOT) measurement.

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