Current Pipeline Status Cell Therapy Product Secretome FECS-SOLUTION Cosmetics Ingredient

Human Dermal Fibroblast Spheroid Conditioned Media

Listed in the International Cosmetic
Ingredient Dictionary (ICID)
Secretion of Skin Regeneration Factors

The ability to secrete growth factors and cytokines that act on cell activity and proliferation and extracellular matrix that provides cell-cell structural and biochemical support is superior when cultivating 3D fibroblast spheroids (FECS-DF) compared to when cultivating 2D fibroblasts.

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Antioxidant Effect

CFC-FECS-DF shows the superior antioxidant effect to trolox, ascorbic acid, and retinoic acid, which are antioxidants.

Wrinkle Improvement Effect

A significant wrinkle improvement effect was found with CFC-FECS-DF in a wrinkle improvement test conducted with photoaging-induced model animals.

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Whitening Effect

Pigmentation was induced in animal skin tissues by UVB, and the areas of pigmentation were compared with Hydroquinone (HQ) 1% and Kojic acid (KA) 1%, which have a whitening effect, as positive control groups. As a result, CFC-FECS-DF was found to show a whitening effect similar to that of Hydroquinone 1%, and an improved whitening effect than that of Kojic acid 1%. As for hydroquinone, side effects such as inflammation were found, unlike CFC-FECS-DF.

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