Company Introduction Team Location
“We research and develop cell therapy products through stem cells.”

S.Biomedics is a company specializing in the research and development of cell therapies for regenerative biomedicine.
To provide more fundamental and safe treatment solutions for intractable diseases that cannot be treated with the existing medicines and medical technologies, we have been continuously pursuing growth and development by integrating previously acquired technologies and next-generation cell therapy technologies. Also, we strive to overcome technical hurdles in the process of developing new medicines faced by stem cell therapy products in the past and apply the core platform technologies held by the company to develop various products (R&D pipelines).
With a universal technology applicable to all cells which is recognized for its potential as a new medicine as the core platform technology, S.Biomedics is expecting to play a great role in the development of a number of new medicines and new technologies using this technology.
We value each and every life. We promise to be with you for the healthy life and the future of your family.

Core Values
  • iconTechnology-driven

    For the successful development of cell therapy products, we prioritize internalization and advancement of core source technologies.

  • iconExpertise

    We promise to lead the cell therapy product R&D based on the expertise and know-how accumulated over the last 15 years in cell therapy development.

  • iconIntegrity

    We promise to become a bio-company built on honesty and sincerity with respect for life.

At a Glance
  • Established in 2005

    Developed cell therapy products for over 10 years since 2005

    Internalization of core technologies to overcome technological hurdles faced by the existing cell therapy products

    Excellent researchers (in-house R&D/advisory committee)

    Active utilization of industry-academic joint research

  • 2 Platform Technologies

    Embryonic stem cell differentiation standardization technology (TED technology)

    3D cell spheroid formation technology (FECSTMtechnology)

    Owns a number of detailed technologies derived from 2 platform technologies

    Expands pipelines through detailed technologies and promote new projects derived therefrom

  • 7 Pipelines

    Owns R&D pipelines centered on “Regenerative Medicine”

    Owns 4 clinical development pipelines

    Owns 5 pipelines targeting diseases without cure

  • Operating GMP facilities for more than 10 years

    Certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2010

    Completed standardization of manufacturing and quality control processes by securing know-how with long experience in operating GMP facilities