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S.biomedics’ cell therapy manufacturing facility is fully GMP compliant, and currently maintains class 1 production and quality control for somatic cell therapy.

Cell therapy

S.biomedic’s autologous fibroblast therapy, Cureskin, received KFDA approval in year 2010.


– Production of various cell therapy products
– Cell therapy quality control tests
– Production process establishment and validation
– Establishing standardization and testing methods
– Test method validation

Cell storage

– Autologous skin fibroblasts and fibroblast microtissue cryopreservation and storage
– Shelf life: 7 years

Cell culture

Cosmetic product containing various growth factors
(EGF, VEGF, FGF, HGF, PDGF, etc) and fibroblast
conditioned media which are responsible for skin
elasticity and whitening.

  • Somatic Cell Therapy

    Cure skin is a therapeutic agent that can fundamentally improve damage of the dermal layer. It is a method of culturing and propagating in vitro, the patient’s own fibroblast cells, and then injecting into the patient’s scar and wrinkles. The injected cells migrate and engraft to the dermal damage site and begin to produce key components of the extracellular matrix, including collagen and elastin. Since the production of the extracellular matrix reacts to the control mechanisms of the human body, there is no risk of over production.
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  • Immune cell therapy

    This technology is a procedure to prompt immune enhancement by selectively inducing the proliferation of specific lymphocyte NK, NKT, and T cells after isolation of lymphocytes from peripheral blood, and applying the activated lymphocytes to solid cancers such as gastric and colon cancer.
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  • Adult Stem Cells

    Umbilical-derived mesenchymal stem cells secrete TGF-β and PGE2 which inhibit primary immune responses including autoimmune responses by converting inflammatory T-cells (Th1 cells) into anti-inflammatory T-cells (Th2 cells). It is possible to improve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis by inhibiting the degranulation of mast cells.
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  • Embryonic Stem Cells

    Isolation of neuronal progenitor cells using PSA-NCAM marker
    Separation possible using PSA-NCAM marker.
    Implant of isolated neural progenitor cells
    When PSA-NCAM markers were used to separate positive and negative marker cells, and were implanted, it was confirmed that mesodermal tumors were formed only with the negative marker cells.
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  • 3D Microtissue

    Our technology is to coat the surface of the two-dimensional culture with a special material so that the cells in time will cultivate into three-dimensional microstructures.
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Sbiomedic’s cell therapy manufacturing facility is fully GMP compliant, and currently maintains class 1 production and quality control for somatic cell therapy.
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